The Josh Anderson Foundation’s mission is to provide adolescents with mental health education, resources and support so they never turn to suicide.

We believe that every teenager should feel they have the voice, support and resources to seek help for their mental health so that suicide is NEVER an option. It is our commitment to empower teens to feel they can reach out without fear of judgment or shame. We are working to prevent teen suicide through progressive programs, first on the local level in Fairfax County, VA, and then on a national scale in the future.

Please help us bring teen suicide into the light.



Our mission is to provide cost effective, efficient and ethical family oriented intervention, consulting and transportation services, specifically in the field of addiction, treatment and recovery, to any and all of the individuals or families that seek our help. We will be there to guide you and your family through the destructive patterns and fatal nature of addiction and into active recovery. Our Vision is to help the addiction field become affordable to all who are in need of help instead of focusing on growing our company into a powerhouse focused on profits. By increasing our work load, we can effectively lower prices on our services to our community. We are all addicts in recovery ourselves and understand the financial and emotional problems that come hand in hand with addiction.


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