Chris Buro Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and removing the stigma. We envision a community that recognizes the effects of mental health disorders and supports those who are impacted by them.

How We Achieve It:

1. Our impact on local communities in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. begins with providing health and wellness programs through educational and resource presentations, support groups, and community outreach programs.

We intend on raising awareness of mental health through community based educational and resource events addressing topics such as mental health disorders, addiction, treatment resources, general health and wellness practice, mentoring, mindfulness and other ways to help improve individuals lives.



2. By creating a platform in the community, Chris Buro Foundation aims to create education on the available resources and reach the general public to address the various current social health issues in need of support and donation.

We will provide access to funding and scholarships for treatment services for individuals and families struggling with mental health. It is the goal of the Foundation to facilitate this program to ultimately further it’s charitable purpose by providing critical services to the public in need at little or no cost to the said individual or individual’s family.

Upon eligibility verification, the Foundation will work to connect such individual with a qualified professional who will provide the clinically indicated services at a negotiated discounted rate or scholarship which the foundation will make payable directly to the provider. Services may range from psychiatry, therapeutic services, educational consulting, health and wellness coaching, addiction treatment therapy, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, mental health stabilization services, or extended care services.

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